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featuring work by Jo Bell

The Kleksograph - Issues 2, 12, & 14

An International Review of Art and the Subconscious

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Issue 14 features: 'Demon' - a Haibun by Annie Bell, illustrated by Hollie Bell
Issue 12 features: 'Tutankhamun is in the Wardrobe' - a story by Annie Bell
Issue 2 features: 'The Muse' - a poem by Annie Bell

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Aimsir - Samhain 2023

A literary and artistic journal

Features 'Death's Domain' - a poem by Annie Bell

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Boat Party Summer 2023

An article by Jo Bell for

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Colchester WriteNight Short Prose Collection  

An anthology - edited by Sue Dawes & Emma Kittle-Pey

Colchester WriteNight invite you into their ‘Open Book’ of tales, vignettes and stories they conjured up during lockdown 2020. From goats and Rollers to gallery nudes, pork scratchings and the increasingly elusive Willow Wiffle, these stories will make you laugh, cry and shudder. The editors’ brief was to select the best, and there was a wealth to choose from. Join us in this celebration of community creativity.

The collections features stories by Sarah Armstrong, Sarah Bates Kendrick, Annie Bell, Penny Benedetti, Helen Chambers, Tim Gardiner, Phil Hurst, Wendy James, Jonathan King, Toni Peers, Mary Pullen Deacon, Clare Shaw, Doug Smith, Alice Violett, and Katy Wimhurst.

Many thanks to Colchester Borough Council Creative Events Fund for supporting this project.

A L Kennedy has written the introduction.

The book is edited by Sue Dawes and Patrician Press author, Emma Kittle-Pey.


Features 'Tippex' - a story by Annie Bell

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The Waxed Lemon - Summer/Autumn 2021

A Literary Journal


Features 'Encounter' - a poem by Annie Bell

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The Wilfred Owen Association Journal - 2020 Vol. 1


The Journal of the Wilfred Owen Association

Features 'Ever Wilfred x' - A poem, plus photos by Annie Bell

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A New Ulster - Issue 88

A Literary Journal


Features 'Ode to a Star' - a poem by Annie Bell

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WriteNight - The Anthology Colchester

An Anthology

An action-packed anthology of stories set in or around Colchester, England's oldest recorded town, written by members of WriteNight, a group of writers who meet twice a month to share ideas, gain practice and spark imaginations. This book is the group’s first anthology, each story provides a different genre, style and vision of what Colchester can mean to those who live here.


Features 'Charlotte' - a short story by Annie Bell

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The Poet Magazine

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Features poems by, and an in depth interview with Annie Bell

No longer available

Prose & Cons - Poems Against The Brexit Machine

An Anthology


Features a selection of poems by Annie Bell

Out of Print

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