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Alternative Electropop with Chris Tattan

Episode 9 of The Musician's Hour, featuring East Cork based singer songwriter Chris Tattan is out now.

Chris' music is a fantastic blend of alternative music and electro pop, which has the influence of his love of Oasis behind it.

Chris joined me in the Community Radio Youghal studios, where we recorded the October episode of The Musician's Hour. We talked about Chris' music, some of the artists who have inspired his songwriting and his performances, and how he writes and produces his songs.

It was brilliant to watch Chris, performing five of his songs live in the studio. He performed 'Summertime', 'One for the road', 'On top of the world', 'Put into words' and the very catchy 'Fire'. Chris has a really catchy and different sound and it was an absolute joy to chat with him about his music.

Chris' music is available from all the usual platforms, and you can buy his album at his gigs or from his Bandcamp site:

To download Chris Tattan on The Musicians' Hour, please click here.

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