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Open Session at The Getaway - Comeraghs Wild Festival

Singing one of my own songs (PHOTO BY VICKY DAY)

This year marked the second time that The Getaway Eco Camp, just outside Dungarvan has hosted an open session in The Nook - the cosy venue within the site - as part of The Comeraghs Wild Festival.

A group of musicians perform at The Getaway (PHOTO BY JO BELL)

The session was compered by legend of the Dungarvan sessions Joe Power, who runs sessions all over Dungarvan, and who is known for his passion for Irish culture, and particularly music. Joe was on top form, singing a range of his classic tunes, including the brilliant 'Hard Times', which has become his anthem.

Joe Power sings a traditional song (PHOTO BY JO BELL)

Joe is known for running fully open sessions, which follow the Irish tradition of the house session, where people would come together to sing, dance, play music, and share stories. Everyone was welcome to participate.

This session was really wonderful, with a great range of musicians, singers, spoken word performers and a brilliant audience, all in a cosy setting in the Comeragh Mountains.

Joe Power and his audience in The Nook (PHOTO BY JO BELL)

For my own part, I performed four of my own songs at the event: 'Hope', 'Ever Wilfred x', 'Daffodils', and 'Dearg Due', and one wonderful surprise was that my friend Kevin MacAlan captured 'Ever Wilfred x' on video for me!

All in all, the Open Session at The Getaway was a really wonderful afternoon of Irish culture and music.

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