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The fantastic Luna Olivia Avery

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

This week we released the latest episode of 'The Musician's Hour with Jo Bell', on Community Radio Youghal, which features Cork singer songwriter Luna Olivia Avery as guest artist.

I really enjoyed interviewing Luna and hearing about her influences. We discussed her admiration for Sarah Brightman and Leonard Cohen, amongst others, and how their work has inspired her in her songwriting and performances. She also told me about her musical background and how she wrote a musical as part of her studies.

Luna treated us to performances of her fantastic songs 'The man with the technicolour soul', 'Let go', 'Help me. Can I start again please?', and 'Blossom in universal daylight', accompanying herself on the ukulele. She has a wonderful voice and writes the most beautiful songs, which she hopes to record soon.

In addition to being a great singer songwriter, Luna is a member of brilliant Cork based band The Dagenham Yanks, performing regularly in venues across Munster.

To hear Luna's beautiful live performances and to listen to her telling me about her work, you can pick up the podcast here.

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